Mitchell Park :: Palo Alto Tennis

Mitchell Park

600 E Meadow Dr

Lighted Courts: 7Unlighted Courts: 0

Location: Behind Mitchell Park Community Center and Library

Number: Seven (7) courts total. Four courts in the front, separated into two sections of two courts each. Three courts in the back.

Lights: All seven (7) courts have lights

Closest major intersection: Middlefield and E. Meadow

Restrooms: The restrooms building is adjacent to the front courts. Rating: Reliable

Courtside benches: Every court

Noise factors: The front courts are adjacent to picnic grounds. Rating: Moderate

Parking: Both of the park's entrances (off Middlefield and E. Meadow) lead to medium-sized lots which connect in front of the courts. Rating: Plenty

Maintenance: Courts are washed on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of every month.

Notes: The back courts are on the other side of a pedestrian bridge over Adobe Creek. They tend to have a lot more leaves than the front courts because of the tall trees surrounding their fence. There are four backboard areas that are marked "Handball/Racqetball Priority." There are also two paddle tennis courts.