Hopkins Tennis Courts :: Palo Alto Tennis

Hopkins Tennis Courts

Corner of Newell and Hopkins

Lighted Courts: 0Unlighted Courts: 3

Location: Corner of Hopkins and Newell

Number: Three (3) courts

Lights: No lights

Closest major intersection: Newell and Embarcadero

Restrooms: Use the restrooms at Rinconada Park or cross Newell to the Palo Alto Main Branch Library (hours). Rating: Reliable

Courtside benches: Court No. 7 only

Noise factors: Surrounded by houses. Rating: Low

Parking: Has its own small parking lot in front of the courts, just off Hopkins. Rating: Adequate

Maintenance: Courts are washed on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month.

Notes: The Hopkins Courts are down the street from the Rinconada Courts. A set of bleachers outside of the fence faces Court No. 7.