Gunn High School :: Palo Alto Tennis

Gunn High School

780 Arastradero Rd

Lighted Courts: 0Unlighted Courts: 7

Location: Behind Gunn High School

Number: Seven (7) courts separated into two sections, one with six courts and one with a single court.

Lights: No lights

Closest major intersection: Arastradero and Foothill

Restrooms: The high school's restrooms are not always open. Rating: Unreliable

Courtside benches: One at either end of the six court section

Noise factors: The courts are adjacent to several basketball courts. Students occasionally blare their car stereos in the parking lot or treat it like their own personal drag strip. Rating: Moderate

Parking: The high school has a large parking lot. Rating: Plenty

Maintenance: Courts are washed on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month.

Notes: The single court has a wooden wall that can be used as a backboard. There are bleachers on either side of the six court section outside the fence.